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I am listing my guitar for sale today. I am not a guitar store or a guitar expert by any means but if you have any questions I will try my best to answer them.  When I began playing I bought a whole bunch of guitars I even have always wanted including this one. Since I am practicing on a unique guitar more than this one it has sat in the case. I decided to offer it for sale. 

This guitar was a player. There are signs that it has been used and enjoyed. The guitar looks amazing but of course looking closer there is wear and age. I will try to list what I know and there are pictures as well. Guitar shops on here will say it’s beautiful and you will love it and let you be surprised. I am a person who doesn’t like surprises so you’ll get honesty even if it doesn’t do the guitar justice. 
1.The finish on the body is really nice but has some small nicks in the finish and maybe some slight scratches. 
2.The upper part of the rear of the body has wear or relic as they call it now 😉 
3.The neck has some scratches on the back side and some spots where the finish has dulled. 
4. In the lower portion of the neck on the back side the point has been sanded down and painted over. They did this to get a cushty solo position as opposed to the sharp Point.
5. I believe over it’s forty three years it’s been re fretted. They are very smooth at the binding edge. The current frets have flat tops on them but sound great. 
6. The case has expected wear from a forty three year old case. 
Overall this is such an excellent guitar. It is a good player and sounds amazing through my Marshall amp. It has a very warm tone to it as you would expect from a forty three year old Les Paul.  
Please view the pictures and ask any questions. 

 photo 25DA08AA-21A7-4B1C-B367-6F81A7DB5291.jpg photo 9879F1AD-1652-4A37-9A0B-AF217ABACDC3.jpg photo FAB3FA1F-B99D-49AC-9D5E-F7FB96596C29.jpg photo 66E0F9CF-6C70-482D-A046-EDDD6C83D356.jpg

 photo FA23D564-7CD5-4544-893D-97D718608DF0.jpg photo 74AA986E-275F-4E9F-8505-CAECC93CF755.jpg photo 17B9C7BE-C5E1-41A1-887C-1E8DB3BC2955.jpg photo 9939A204-6951-451D-9B1A-418C87BE533D.jpg photo 4CD8CFC3-943E-418F-8529-1751BB97C01F.jpg
 photo A8D4A7F3-4459-49F6-9D72-1430650332BA.jpg
 photo 55B0AFD3-6C88-4386-AD32-C61749934270.jpg photo 0E30495C-F3E1-43CD-810E-C3EF5ADFA6B3.jpg

 photo 5FAD2FA5-F6FB-417B-95B8-9B042C9A96DD.jpg
 photo EFAEBA90-052D-4524-A3E1-013DBFAA1D8C.jpg
 photo 67E73702-C77B-4C2D-8036-91AB5CFDC82F.jpg photo D0AA931C-04DD-4F18-A8A1-99221814A7FE.jpg photo 05E2CC56-A286-4E65-9F5D-4A6CE4392740.jpg photo 85C35D34-8503-43DF-B41D-D059B6621216.jpg photo D4AF07AD-E1F2-4B53-A525-CA3010D7A63A.jpg photo 1A5D442C-296F-4393-8CA0-6F1AFF2EA5F6.jpg photo 4EE65833-66ED-4B5B-832C-9B02638B92BE.jpg photo 0C30A3DE-8CF5-4088-81C2-7CDF67B55A41.jpg photo 089F2BB2-22FF-422F-ABBF-83EAF0C23A79.jpg photo 51D8FC23-D3AD-4101-9049-0DA596244F28.jpg

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