1960-1961 Gibson Les Paul SG Patent Sticker Pickups – W/ Original Case


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Want a great vintage Gibson Les Paul/SG without breaking the bank? Here is your guitar! For sale is this 1960-1961 Gibson Les Paul (later dubbed the “SG”). This fantastic instrument has undergone some professional restoration (see the details below), But is ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

Featuring a slimmer early 60s Neck profile with the wider 1 and eleven/16 inch nut, this Les Paul is an absolute joy to play. It has been professionally re-fretted, with a new nut installed. The frets have been leveled, crowned, and set up so it is ready to go out of the case.

The Brazilian Rosewood fretboard is in great shape, and looks absolutely beautiful next to the cherry finish.

Most of the parts on the guitar are original or at least era correct. The tuners are later Nineteen Sixties, but are still vintage. Looks like it had other tuners at one time. The percent guard, wiring harness, tailpiece, strap buttons, Switch tip, truss rod cover, are all original. I think the percent up rings are also original. The wiring harness is worth quite a bit on its own. The two pots that I can read date to 1960, I think the Forty third week if I’m reading the number properly. So this is a 1961 model according to the serial number, or perhaps 1960 by the pots.

The bridge is a vintage ABR-1 tune-o-matic. Looks to be the original quote “nickel” version.It is the “wired“ version, although the wire is not currently on there. Not sure about the posts, but they look vintage.

It also comes with original early Nineteen Sixties Gibson SG case. This one is the transitional version. Looks to still have the “pebble” style tolex, with the lining that started showing up in sixty two-63.

The guitar features a collection Patent Sticker pickups from the mid-1960s. I do not think the covers have been removed. They look to be mid-1960s which still puts them in the pre-T-top range. Either way, they are still vintage Nineteen Sixties Gibson pickups, and deliver the essence of the classic PAF sound.

The guitar, as mentioned above, has undergone some restoration. It looks to have been refinished or at least oversprayed. It has also had some neck repairs at the neck joint and possibly at the headstock (it really just looks like finish checking to me through the new finish, but look for yourself to see). See the pictures for the details. I had the heel repair done. It was professional and cost over $600.

I understand how a neck repair can be a large deterrent on a vintage guitars. The reality is, MOST vintage SG suffered some form of neck problem. It was just not a good design, although some prime examples have survived. Repaired necks are (when professionally done) stronger and better than the originals. Besides, if one wants to save for a non-repaired neck, a guitar like this is a very good “stepping stone” to a much more expensive (15k+) example. When you are ready to get the “big one“ just sell this one use the money to get you over the hill.

The guitar also was given a stop tail treatment at some point. These holes have been filled and covered over with red finish. It’s not a perfect match, but fairly inconspicuous since most of it’s under the bridge. There’s also a small piece of binding that has been replaced, but it was a very good job and looks pretty seamless.

If you pay my asking price, I will include the era correct Gibson hang tag as well. The hangtag is from a vintage Gibson console but is the right style for a Les Paul.

Asking price includes the case.

Please email with questions. I’ll try to upload some more pictures soon.

Washington state residents will be charged eight.9% local sales tax.


Awesome guitar!

Amazing Gibson Les Paul.... The name says it all... Legendary.....Clean finish beautiful sound at a reasonable price. ... Very happy with the purchase ... Thanks Mr. Payton, and thank you eBay.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: chpay-0

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