1957 Gibson Les Paul GOLD TOP Light Weight Eddie Vegas Build 1992 Conversion


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1957 Gibson Les Paul GOLD TOP Light Weight Eddie Vegas Build

Read up on facts below:

Started life as 1992 Studio USA Gibson Les Paul

Hide Glued R9 Board from a 2012 Gibson Historic Custom Shop

Binding added to Body

Neck has same profile as Burst

Refinished in Vintage Nitro. Hot/Cold weathered

CTS pots with Luxe Bumble Bee’s. Custom Built Brandon PAF Replica’s (TONE!!!!!!!)

Aged Gibson Stop (Light Weight) ABR-1

Newer Reissue Kluson Tuners


Guitar is Somewhat thinner that a stock Standard Les Paul

Gator Reissue Brown Case

Great for the guy with a foul back, wants the VINTAGE look and tone and not too expensive.

Basically this was Pro Done by Dan Shinn of Lays Guitar. He is one of the best around, and a private friend of mine. This is Nitro Finish, New Frets, ALL Done Unreal. And was time consuming****

It looks like a Vintage 1957 Gold Top, even the Black marker on back of headstock like Gibson did back then. You got to think outside the Box in life, same with Guitars. Even being a ninety two Studio LP they have some serious Tone. Inlays in neck as old vintage. It’s a Fun Axe and Just Feels Right!

Look at the last picture next to another K@@L Build – Conversion Dan additionally done. You can see it is a hair thinner. You never know unless up in opposition t another LP. Point being, you ever wanted a Lighter LP Gold Top. Built by one Master Luthier not a assembly line production factory Gibson? Here is that chance.. Think outside the BOX people…:)

*********GOOD LUCK & PEACE******


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