1952 original Gibson Les Paul conversion and case


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This auction is for WOOD Only !!!  66 years old I will also include Vintage Bigsby, NO Pickups or plastic parts, or Cali Girl case are included … they are shown for illustration purposes only  Generic case will be used to protect during shipping and use.  They are shown in the pictures for illustration only.  No pickups, Cali girl case or plastic will come with this guitar when purchased. Action is LOW by Pro Luthier set up !!  No fret buzz. The best playing guitar I even have Ever Had ! This is an Original 1952 Gibson Goldtop…early production LP !!! -conversion ala 1959 !!! Doug at Guitars Ashore, an authorized and certified repair luthier /technician did the Humbucker route clean up, set the bridge posts with a laser precision instrument, added new electronics, and installed the jumbo frets and set this up with low action … plays like butter.  Killer sound and tone. 65 years old. 1st fret marker looks to be newer and about three inches of neck bind has been replaced as well…pro jobs. Joe Bonamassa has played it at the music shop in Denver where I purchased it from when he was in town and stopped by the shop according to the guitar shop owner,  as per conversation with the guitar shop owner.  Data from Gibson Has given this info to be one of the 1st fifty two Goldtops made with the wrap a round Gold color and in the cavity there is an additional hole on the left. I have some paperwork from guitar store owner. Gibson was going to feed the wires thru it but ended up not using this design.  This hole is in the first few Les Pauls ever made.  I was told this guitar was professionally refinished in the 60’s and the Bigsby was added to the guitar at that time. Original gold finish can be seen in control cavities.  It now has a Tunamatice bridge with Bridge posts into the body…. new electronics, jack and caps makes this stage able to play in

public. Tuners have been changed and keep the guitar in tune. Knobs are original, strap buttons original, and switch are original a Back Plate Plastic I consider is original. Pick guard is 1952 original with a mod for Humbucker.  Approx 8lbs 8oz w/opickups and  with Bigsby system on my non for sale scale. Case is a heneric hard shell case (not shown) case in pictures has been already sold.  And is not included in this auction This is Gibson early History…and your Chance to Grab it !!!  ask questions…No trades and Refinish and Mods have been taken into account on this fifty two Les Paul conversion. Put your favorite humbuckers in !!   Lower forty eight States only…No international shipping.